Books And Baubles is the place I keep track of all the used book stores, thrift stores, consignment boutiques, vintage clothes stores, craft marketplaces, flea markets, tea rooms, museums, cafes, record stores, bead emporiums, stationery shops and any other shiny place I found and enjoyed in and around New England.  Most of them are in CT or within a couple of hours drive from Middletown, CT.

In February 2017, I adopted a dog named Sophie.  Sundays are our day to spend together so, I’m on the lookout for dog friendly places we can explore.

Go visit the places I’ve shared, help them thrive.  I love it when the store owners share what I’ve written on their own pages and if I can help someone discover a new favorite place, that’s the best bit for me.

It is a little pocket of positivity in the pinafore of life.

Oh and, if you know somewhere you think should be on this blog…please let me know.


2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hello K Porter, I would love to thank you for your sweet reaction to my shop. Your piece was very touching. Deb desCognets.


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