Grey Matter Books, Hadley MA

A couple of Wednesdays ago, my good friend Bruce and I had a day out.  Taking in the sights of southern MA including  in Montegue Bookmill, Montague MA and Grey Matter Books.  I’d never heard of Grey Matter before that day and I’m at a bit of a loss as to why! Their selection is huge and varied, probably one of the best used art book selections I’ve ever seen (they have an entire room devoted to art).  I wish I had taken some photos but sadly I was too engrossed in the books.

I bought a few things including Evidence – The Art of Candy Jernigan.  Jernigan collected detritus. Ordinary, overlooked items that documented her life in New York City and her travels in Europe in the early ’80s. She also made drawings and small landscape sketches.  I hadn’t heard of her before and so finding this book full of her beautiful work was an unexpected gift.  You can see more of the book here.

2015-05-17 21.54.15The store is tucked away off the road and the entrance is at the back of the building so you’ll need eagle eyes to spot the sign.



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