Celebrations, Deep River CT

Celebrations isn’t a book store or thrift store and in fact they don’t sell used or vintage items at all. The closest description would be gift shop, but that doesn’t do it justice.  The phrase ‘gift shop’ has such negative tourist tat connotations that I can’t use it for Celebrations.  They sell toys, journals, women’s and kids clothes, greeting cards and well, gifts. I found the perfect birthday presents for my soon to be 10 year old niece and the owner offered to gift wrap them for me.  I was expecting her to charge me something for doing it but it was entirely free.  She is a master at it too – behind the counter are racks of colored ribbons, pretty stickers, paper and tape, she did such a great job they look too good to unwrap.  Watching her artistry with paper and ribbon brought a huge smile to my face.

2015-05-19 10.21.14 2015-05-19 10.22.27

Website: Celebrations, Deep River CT


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