Bennett’s Books, Deep River CT

Bennett’s is new and chaotic.  There are books everywhere in this small store.  It took me some time to find them as the storefront is tucked back from the road  between the gas station and Katriana Price jewelry) but they have some interesting books as well as two rescued Guinea pigs and some turtles.  The guy running the store was friendly and chatty and helped me out with a rough guide to the layout – where to find subjects etc. Good fiction section, lots of children’s books, not many art books yet.  A couple of comfy chairs in just the right corners – perfect for losing yourself in book-fueled reverie.

Note the symbol of the circle and line inside a triangle… “After all this time?”   “Always…”

While you’re in Deep River/ Chester, stop at Celebrations and Chester’s Finders Marketplace.

Bennett's Books postcard
Bennett’s Books postcard


Website: Bennett’s Books


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