Redscroll Records, Wallingford CT


photo by Bruce Williams
 Little did I know but it turns out Redscroll is well-known to anyone into vinyl in CT. I only discovered them on World Record Store Day back in April.  They have an immense inventory of both new and used vinyl and CDs, expertly catalogued with every available space inside the store filled to capacity.  They really know their stuff too.  On hearing them play Portishead in the store I wanted a recommendation for something similar (well i’ve heard Portishead A LOT over the years).  They suggested FKA Twigs and Purity Ring, neither of which I’d heard before.  I have to recommend them just for introducing me to some interesting new music, and for doing it with such grace and friendly banter on what must be the busiest day of their year.

Website: Redscroll Records


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