Arethusa Farm & Dairy, Bantam CT

Quite simply some of the best ice-cream I’ve ever tasted served in home-made waffle cones.  They also make and sell some rather nice cheeses and yogurt. Arethusa is owned by the same chaps who run Manolo Blahnik.  I’m not sure I’ll ever own any of their shoes but I can certainly appreciate their wonderful ice-cream.  You can read about the story of the farm in this NY Times article here

Update: July 2015 – return visit, had to ask the person serving to stop putting ice-cream in the cone! it must have been a pint of ice-cream and he was going to put in another enormous scoop…and for less than $5


ice-cream in a waffle cone the size of my head
ice-cream in a waffle cone the size of my head

Website: Arethusa Dairy

Arethusa Dairy
Arethusa Dairy

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