Patti’s Treasures & Antiques, South Windsor CT

Patti’s has lots and lots and lots of beautiful costume jewelry. All colors, all shapes of sparkles everywhere you look. You’ll also see crockery, prints, mirrors and ornaments. My first instinct was to stand in one place and turn around slowly, try to take it in and then work out which direction to head first but there is just so much to see. There are also a couple of cabinets of doll house miniatures and if you’re interested in that sort of thing, ask to see the back room behind the kitchen! This isn’t just a store, it’s Patti’s home. Two floors of treasures. Downstairs is all the jewelry, buttons, tea sets, kitchenware, framed prints and antiques. Upstairs, the rooms are filled with fine quality linens, clothing, hats and books. An astonishing assortment of ephemera to be sure but, the best thing about Patti’s is Patti herself; with a smile that shines as brightly as the jewels all around and a voice that crackles with joy.  Don’t miss this place. It will take you a couple of trips to take everything in.


The Lovely Patti
Patti’s sign next to the parking lot.
Gold Bunny anyone?
color coordinated displays
ceramic dogs – just like my Nan used to have on her mantle
one tiny section of one cabinet…so much shiny, everywhere

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