Bookmarkit, Enfield CT

First impressions would have you believe this is another remainder book store in a none too interesting mall.  Yes, there are some unheard of ‘bestsellers’ here and some ‘100 ways with fish’ type cookery books but wait…there are also interesting finds.  Their art book section has some interesting photo books – I found an art photography book called Kosmos by Adam Bartos about the Russian space race and there was a Prestel book on late Andy Warhol (I didn’t buy that so if it’s your cup of tea, go find it).   The books aren’t always in pristine condition but for the price, I can put up with that. The store is quite large and the staff very friendly too.  They have a sizeable section for fiction as well as an extensive children’s book collection.  Good sci-fi/ fantasy selection too. The best part is that the books are all 2 for $5.00 and there’s a good mixture of used and new.  


Fiction section (mostly)
Stephanie at Bookmarkit


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