Platterpus Records, Easthampton MA

Another great Easthampton, MA find, Platterpus has great vinyl and very reasonable prices. I found a copy of Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson’s “Secrets” from 1978 in excellent condition. I’d never heard it before but just a few seconds of the first track “Angel Dust” had me hooked.  Listen on Youtube. The owner of the store was happy to search through inventory for any special requests and we joked about my eclectic mix of purchases.  I didn’t get any pictures of the store so I definitely have to make a return visit…not a problem, I’ve already got a friend interested in seeing White Square Books on the same street, stay tuned for pictures or better still pop up and see for yourself.

Photo courtesy of the Platterpus Facebook page
Photo from the Platterpus Facebook page



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