The Jumping Frog, Hartford CT

Surprised that I didn’t know about this place before now.  Hartford is the closest large city to me and I don’t usually find myself visiting too often.  I do go to Real Art Ways now and then but still I didn’t know there was a bookstore in the side of the same building.  Open from Thursdays to Sundays 11am-4pm, this is another seller of quality used books.  Valuable tomes share shelf space with affordable titles.  I found a collection of Raymond Carver’s short stories for $3.00 as well as art books priced at $300.  I purchased the Carver and sadly had to leave the art book behind. I also snagged a perfect little hardback copy of Winnie-The-Pooh from 1962 with E.H. Shepard’s beautiful illustrations and a book of cat paintings by an artist called Max Raffler – superb! They all have the same slightly grumpy, blank-faced stare. I spent a very happy hour or so browsing and then chatting to Bill who told me about their online inventory of paper ephemera – everything from airline paraphernalia to magazines to matchbooks.


Raffler’s Cats cover



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