Books and Baubles – gets a home of it’s own

Dear Reader,

Clearly I didn’t realize how popular this blog was going to be.  We have had over 2000 views to date.  I thought this would be an online map/ journal for me primarily. Somewhere accessible that I could keep information about cool places and stores so that I’d always have ideas to hand for an impromptu day out.  It is that, but has grown into much more.

We’ve been live for over six months and I decided a while ago that if we hit that milestone I would invest in a domain name.  Update your links and bookmarks because we are now officially

I’ve also decided to stop auto-posting to Facebook.  Viewers were often reading the review on Facebook and not clicking through to the blog so it really skewed my stats.  Now I manually post the link and title.

For the New Year, I’m going to start adding museums, historic houses and gardens, farmer’s markets and interesting food and beverage emporia.

I hope you’ll continue to enjoy the blog and that you’re inspired to visit some of these wonderful places.  Please drop me a line and let me in on your favorite consignment shops, book stores, tea rooms etc.

Best wishes for Happy Holidays to you all,

A bientôt,





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