Nest Egg Auctions, Berlin CT

Every Monday evening, in a nondescript, off-the-beaten-track building, a whole bunch of interesting, moderately interesting, somewhat interesting and sometimes baffling things are sold.  If you’ve never been to an auction before, this is a great place to start. It’s friendly, non-intimidating and if you keep coming, you’ll see some of the same faces every week.  The staff are helpful and welcoming.  Just register at the desk on your way in and you’ll get given a numbered bid card.  Come early so you have time to look at everything. When the auction gets going, things move really fast. Prices are very reasonable – I’ve snagged some absolute bargains.

It’s random – you never know what you’ll find but they post an excellent photo gallery of the major items online and if you sign up to their mailing list you’ll get an email link to that every Monday morning so you can check it out before you go.




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