The Dancing Chihuahua, Seymour CT

This store was recommended to me by the proprietor of another consignment store (always a good sign). I had a chuckle about the name, and thought to myself ‘well, that’s something you don’t hear every day’ and off we went to find it. I like these smaller, lovely-to-look-at, boutique-style stores.  They remind me of the elegant and sadly now closed, Rags To Bitches in Manchester, England.  Manchester had (and probably still has) lots of interesting vintage clothing shops. Always tantalizing to browse through but unless you were of vintage proportions, i.e. small in stature, nothing ever fit. Happily for me, here in the land of the free, there are many similarly wonderfully curated, feast-for-the-eyes, quality consignment stores that sell women’s clothing for all shapes and sizes. The Dancing Chihuahua is one such place. I visited on a very dull, wet, rain-grey Saturday.  Spirits were lifted.  Friendly staff and lots of choice.  Bravo.

Facebook: Dancing Chihuahua



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