By Chloe. SoHo, NYC

I always forget how fantastic good vegan food tastes.  After a long, hot day in the city yesterday we happened to be walking up Lafayette St.  I had such a good experience at  Sweets By Chloe on my last visit that I figured it would be worth trying.  This place has the same white walls and simple interior, this time with quite a few more seats.  I ordered the Guac Burger and Sweet Potato Fries and shared the Kale and Artichoke Dip with my friend.  The burger was delicious.  So fresh, tasty and filling.  The air baked fries were a little limp but the dip was so good!! Creamy, warm artichoke flavor and the almond parm topping tasted surprisingly ‘cheesy’.  The whole meal was superb.  By Chloe is opening twenty new locations including one in London so if you’re reading this in the UK, for once, you can actually try a place from this blog!


Visited June 24, 2018


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