Rodgers Book Barn, Hillsdale NY

Finding the Rodgers Book Barn is your first challenge. We approached it from the North via dirt and gravel roads twisting and turning, up and down hills under a lush, sun dappled canopy. They have parking in the front and a steady stream of customers came and went so, it’s clearly a local destination for those in the know. Outside, we were greeted with a small basket of paperback editions of mysteries, mostly Dorothy L. Sayers, a good start. Inside there are two floors with many alcoves and corners filled with books on every subject. A large art section, shelves of fiction, poetry, extensive biographies and not just the usual suspects, many obscure and lesser known too.  Upstairs you’ll find the children’s books and an expansive travel area categorized by country as well as true crime, history, religion, philosophy and more. Comfy nooks are dotted throughout and there’s outdoor seating in the back and the front to encourage you to stay awhile. Next to the main building, the annex houses books on all subjects discounted to $1 or less and there’s a table of FREE books nestled between the two.

Rodgers is a solid addition to my favorite bookstores. I hope they continue to thrive for many years to come.


instagram: @rodgersbookbarn

Address: 467 Rodman Road, Hillsdale, NY

Visited on July 7, 2018


basket of mysteries
upstairs, travel section


the annex


open for business



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