Cadeaux, Great Barrington MA

Lured in by the window sign indicating stationery items for sale, I wasn’t disappointed to find myself in this miniature jewel-box shop.  A tiny space exquisitely appointed with all sorts of shiny wee things, paper products, cards, home goods, gifts, jewelry and ribbons.

Plus they have a bear on the wall.  Who doesn’t love a bear?!

I feel the love in places like this, places where someone with a keen eye has chosen objects and arranged them artfully, filling every inch with a visually stimulating tableaux.  Stores like Cadeaux bring me joy. A carefully curated shelf of printed notebooks, letter papers, envelopes and ephemera has the power to make me lose track of time, often eliciting audible groans from my companions.


Address: 3 Railroad St, Great Barrington, MA

Visited on July 7, 2018

Cadeaux window



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