Sacred Tattoo, NYC

By no means am I a tattoo aficionado.  I have one tattoo.  One. I love it.  I waited about twenty years to get it, waited until I found an artist that made work so beautiful, so simple and clean that it spoke to me.  I’m glad I waited.  Michelle Santana’s work is unlike any other tattoo art I’ve ever seen.  She grew up in Colombia and works both there and in NYC.  Her style is fine line work achieved by using a single needle. Usually black but in my case she added some touches of color.

The Sacred Tattoo studio is spacious, lots of artists work out of this space.  It’s clean, open and the staff are relaxed and welcoming.  Sorry for the lack of good photos, i wasn’t visiting with the idea that I’d put it on my blog but I had such a positive experience I figured, why not.

instagram: @mnsantanatattoo





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